Welcome to the Mojave Chapter, NSDAR

California DAR

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Chapter Established

On March 19, 1925, Organizing Regent Daisy Lee Andrew Carmichael held the first meeting of the Mojave Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), with sixteen members, in the city of Fullerton. Located one hour south of Los Angeles, Fullerton was, even then, an urban center of Orange County, California. In March 2013, Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, celebrated its 88th anniversary.



Named “Mojave”

Why would the desert-sounding name of "Mojave" have been chosen for an NSDAR chapter located in a metropolitan area? "Mojave" was chosen in honor of the nomadic Native American tribe that roamed from as far as the Colorado River to the present Orange County area. 

From the beginning, members had an interest in helping indigenous people and were generous to the Mojave Tribe in Needles, California, whose representatives addressed Mrs. Carmichael, in correspondence, as HUM-SICK-A-HOTT, meaning "head chief up the Colorado River."

Chapter members have continued an interest in Native American history and culture through contributions to educational and humanitarian programs benefiting the first Americans.



Yearly Activity Highlights

Each year, Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, provides Excellence in Community Service Awards to outstanding citizens and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) medals at the college and high school levels. The chapter sponsors patriotic programs and contests in the elementary, middle, and high schools in the north Orange County area, providing DAR Good Citizens awards, U.S. Constitution awards, and American History Essay Contest medals at an annual ceremony.

Constitution awards are presented to selected 8th-grade students during middle school graduation exercises. Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, members distribute gifts and good cheer during visits to patients at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Long Beach, California.