Chapter Activities and Projects

Dedication Dates & Marker Locations

February 28, 1929

Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, participated in the dedication ceremony of Madonna in Upland.

June 25, 1930

Yorba School Marker. Marks the site of the first schoolhouse in Orange County, 1867. 

February 28, 1931

Los Coyotes House Marker. Commemorates the site of "Los Coyotes House" on the old trail between Los Angeles and San Diego where Commodore Stockton camped with the American Army on his way to meet General Freemont, January 7, 1847. The boulder is located in the Los Coyotes Country Club and was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Russel Evans.

February 13, 1932

Washington Tree. A Cedrus Deodar tree planted in memory of George Washington in Hillcrest Memorial Park.

November 11, 1934

"Real Granddaughter" Marker. Placed on the grave of Mrs. Acuff in Loma Vista Cemetery. Mrs. Acuff was the granddaughter of an American Revolutionary War Patriot.

March 14, 1937

Amerige Marker. Commemorates the setting of the first survey stakes in the founding of the city of Fullerton by George H. and E.R Amerige in the year 1887. Located at the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth, in Fullerton.

February 1940

October 11, 1940

"Real Granddaughter" Marker. Placed on the grave of Rachel Fayette Mann Acuff in Loma Vista Memorial Park.

Golden Jubilee Bench. Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the National Society DAR 1890-1940.

February 1944

Memorial Tree. Jacaranda trees were planted at the Hillcrest Memorial Park to commemorate the passing of Mojave Chapter, NSDAR daughters.

1953 - 58

Yorba Bridge Marker. The brass plate replaced after being stolen.

1963 - 64

Mayflower “iron.” Donated to the DAR Museum by an outgoing regent.

July 16, 1966

DAR Marker. Commemorates Patriot John Fry for his service in the Virginia Militia on DAR Highway Park, Liberty, Kentucky.

January 9, 1972

Flagpole and bronze plaque. Donated to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda.

March 1976


October 9, 1976

Participated with other chapters at the Fullerton Arboretum to plant a rose garden in memory of Eleanor Washington Spicer.

Sundial Marker. Placed at the California State University Fullerton Campus Victorian Heritage House  in the Fullerton Arboretum to mark the “Eleanor Washington Spicer Rose Garden.”

1978 Participated in the marking of the El Adobe Restaurant; an early stagecoach stop.

October 15, 2001

Memorial Bench. Placed in Tri-City Regional Park in memory of Laurie Duston Musso.

2005 - 08

Replacement of the sundial base with new concrete at Heritage House California State Fullerton Arboretum.


Medal of Honor 2007 William Zeitler

Willaim Zeitler

Photo courtesy of a chapter member.

William Zeitler was seen playing the glass armonica at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. The sound of the glass armonica was mesmerizing. Mr. Zeitler agreed to play for us at a chapter meeting. The following year, exstensive research was done on Mr. Zeitler and his glass armonica, the appropriate DAR papers were completed, and the National Society DAR awarded William Zeitler the Medal of Honor in 2007. We once again asked him to play the glass armonica, which he manufactured himself at his studio, at our Mojave Chapter, NSDAR meeting where we presented him with the DAR Medal of Honor.



Lost 1896 DAR Certificate Found in 2013

One of our members found a DAR certificate from May 7, 1896, for Mrs. Lucy Ripley Hills. Lucy Hills was the first daughter to become a DAR member from her ancestor Charles Warner (1762-1837), who was a private in Connecticut. We found that a descendant of Mrs. Hills was a member of the Kawaiisu Chapter, NSDAR in Lake Isabella, California. On March 26, 2013, presented her descendant with this wonderful document at their chapter meeting. It was a wonderful bit of history, and Mojave Chapter, NSDAR was grateful to be able to get that back to a descendant of Lucy Hills!

lost 1896

Photo courtesy of a chapter member.


Presenting a lost ROTC Award to State Senator Lou Correa

ROTC medal for Lou CorreaPhoto Courtesy of Chapter Member 

 In February 2012, Mojave Chapter, NSDAR was contacted by State Senator Lou Correa and we were told how he was awarded an ROTC Cadet Award from our chapter when he was a teenager in high school. Over the years he had his award stolen. Lou Correa was wondering if we would be able to replace his stolen award as it meant something to him. The Mojave Chapter, NSDAR was thrilled to be able to present State Senator Lou Correa with a new Bronze medal with documentation at our meeting.


Mojave Chapter, NSDAR Members at State Headquarters

Many of Mojave Chapter, NSDAR members have been docents at our DAR state house headquarters in Glendora, California. The Headquarters Administrative Committee actively participates in the maintenance and preservation of our historic headquarters building and grounds. The state headquarters is open in December each year for a Christmas tea. Open house and tours are held at various times throughout the year. The house and grounds are ideally suited for meetings, luncheons, teas, or overnight stays.

Christmas Tea at State House

Photo courtesy of Chapter Member


Memorial Day at Loma Vista Cemetery

Memorial Day flags

Photo courtesy of Chapter Member

Each year Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, goes to the Loma Vista Cemetery to help clean up graves and place crosses with the American flags on our veterans' resting places. The grounds look marvelous with all the places done up with white crosses, or the white Star of David, with red, white, and blue flags. For the Memorial Day Mojave Chapter, NSDAR places a beautiful wreath of flowers with a DAR flag on the grave of the unknown soldier. It is quite a moving ceremony with all the Armed Forces being represented by the community.


Honoring our Daughters of the American Revolution

 Every October the Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, remembers our Daughters with a tree-planting ceremony. We invite the family of our members who have passed away during the last year to the Tri-City Park in Brea to help us plant a tree in their honor. Our chaplain reads the biography of each Daughter and we ask if any family member would also like to speak. Then one of our members plays "Taps" on her trumpet. Next, we have shovels to allow each family member, with chapter members present, to place a shovel of dirt around the tree. It is quite a moving ceremony. We have had many families let us know that they continue to go to the park to keep the tree alive with the memories of their deceased family member.

tree planting

Photo courtesy of Chapter Member


Annual Awards Ceremony at Fullerton Library

awards ceremony

Photo courtesy of Chapter Member

In March, the Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, has its annual awards ceremony at the Fullerton Library. We invite the city Mayor, school board officials, principals, school counselors, parents, and students to attend. The awards are presented to those students who are winners of the DAR American History Essay Contest from 5th-8th grade. We also present awards to high school students who are winners of the DAR Good Citizens contest. Those students are remarkable as they are allowed to speak and tell us who they are, what they are involved in, and which college they are planning to attend. Afterward, we invite everyone to enjoy homemade cookies with tea or punch.


Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, Supports the DAR Museum

Mojave Chapter, NSDAR, likes to support our National DAR Museum by "Adopting an Object" to be restored. In 2013, our committee chair brought us loads of written information each month with pictures for our monthly newsletter, the "Monitor." At the regular chapter meetings, she would bring a poster with all kinds of information regarding lots of other museum pieces that needed help with restoring them to their former glory.


Photo courtesy of Chapter Member